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Solar Powered Sonic Mosquito Repeller

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    This high quality and durable device is to prevent you and your family from the bite of mosquitoes, furthermore, it can create more fun and safety which comes with a hook and a compass when you take part in outdoor activities. 


    - Eco-friendly, non-toxic sonic mosquito repeller.
    - Solar powered, no batteries needed.
    - Repel mosquitoes by sound wave which is no harm to any human, animal or environmental pollution.
    - Can be clipped on your clothes, bag, bed and table with the hook.
    - Compass for assisting you to identify directions in outdoors.
    - Fit for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, camping, gardening, etc.


    - Frequency of sound wave: 5000 - 9000Hz
    - Operating power: 0.01W
    - Working area: 5 square meter
    - Charge mode: Put the device in the sun straightly

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